“yeah yeah, im under the assumption too that you would analyze the financial statements…”

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2010 at 11:47 pm

Yesterday was such a fun and productive night. With loads of work to do, Jane with an exam to study for and me with tonnes of assignments to do, we decided, yes, we decided to pull an alllnighter; of course I was up for it, but little did Jane know, that I am absolutely horrible at pulling allnighters (i need at least a 2 hour nap…). So it beings.

7:00pm– in the marketplace. Jane and I are reading, and doing work; we both have earplugs in and are working hard away.

9:00pm– we decide to move to a more quiet location, because it’s less noisy there, and this is when things get a little wonky. at 9:15, i am on msn, be and i get a msg from yes, the man himself. and so jane and i, take a walk. with this gentleman, who shall un-named because people thought he was doing work. LOL and then, we get into random conversations. he tells us a funny story, about a prof, who teaches at schulich (ob), and teaches at Seneca (finance)…. and then, we all died of laughter; who would have thought that would be funny right? well believe me, it was…

10:00pm– Jane and I walk back to the office, and we decide to do some work. at the moment in time, we start fooling around with the webcam, and to our disbelief, we don’t have ONE PICTURE TOGETHER; as a result, we took pictures. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, they were epic! And then, we wanted to have so fun, so on msn, we randomly started to msg people, and webcam-ing them. Again, the gentleman who shall be un-named, well we were webcaming with him… and Jane and I, we showed him, the proper way to pick up a girl at a club, aka how to dance properly (this is in no way, alluding to any inappropriate behaviour, because believe me, I was there, and it was all PG!).. The funny thing with this was that, he put us on mute, but we could hear him.. so as he was webcaming us, he was speaking with his group members and ‘working’… LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

1:00am– We thought that the security would not come and kick us out of the study spot, but they did… So we decided to move, to the White Horse Building! Little did we know, the spots (benches), that area, has no internet connection. So we had to find internet. ย Along the way, we saw Jason, and being the awesome person that he did, him and i drove to timmays and grabbed some coffee and tea.

3:00am– I am literally about to died of tiredness, but I don’t want to admit to Jane that I’m tired, so I start dozing off.

4:00am– we finally get back to the house, and i knew I had to hit the bed, and crash… Jane of course, being the tank that she is, stayed up…

and that was my day. many more amazing days to come ๐Ÿ™‚


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