it feels like december already…

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 at 4:12 am

It’s only the second week of school, and things have been getting hectic! I’ve been reading,

almost all the time, trying to read and read and read, and i’m STILL BEHIND. For example, last weekend, all i did WAS read, and yep, I was still behind. Fantastic ain’t it? And the books this year are just WAY TO EXPENSIVE! MY GOODNESS! Who charges 83$ for a course kit, not even the textbook! OMG! Ridiculous! That’s why i’ve been buying my books online! It’s actually pretty awesome. Not only do you save money, but you save paper too! and the “cost” of walking to the book store, waiting in line and etc. I’m someone who doesn’t mind reading off the screen, so I don’t mind it lol.

Anyhow, this past week has been crazy. It’s been club week at Schulich and I’ve had to be at the club week almost all the time for these past couple of days. Although I swear, I talked so much that I couldn’t at times understand what I was saying, I hope I made an impression on people and hopefully, they’ll want to come to GLOBE! Lol, it was really fun meeting all those people and seeing everyone! Supposedly people were walking in the halls and saying how they love GLOBE’s marketing this year! Makes me so awesome, and that I have such an awesome team!


The best thing that happened this week was definately this past tuesday, at the CapGem info session. Joseph Palumbo, all I have to say is that he is the man! He’s just so cool and awesome ! 😀 And that info sesh was actually very creative, and well put together! I thought it was super fun, and the people there are super down to earth!

Anyhow, I must say, I’m feeling a bit… “mehh” right now. Just boys, you know, the same deal lol… Oh wells, I guess i’ll stay single forever 😛 Anyways, I’m going to go back to reading. just so much work, i swear it feels likes it’s december already! Haven’t updated this in a while, so thought i’d do a short little post!


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