blackberry:”alarm goes off. ” bonnie: “HOW DO I WORK THIS THING?”

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2010 at 11:04 am

After 6 and a half weeks of humidity, 40 degree plus weather, non stop traffic, rickshaws, and 10,000 km later, i am home. After getting nearly 10 hours of sleep –passed out at approx 730pm, I have finally got the chance to reflect, just a little bit.

It’s quite odd now, trying to reacquaint myself with the life that i was living, only roughly 2 months ago. Everything seems so foreign. Since when was my room so big? The last time i checked, I was complaining about the little amount of space I had. And the washroom? I never noticed how white it was until this morning. Everything was neatly put in place, with all the shampoos in one area, and all the soaps and conditionners and creams in another area. It was really different considering 1) for the past 2 months, before I entered a washroom, I would spray the washroom with bugspray, 2) I would be encountered by at least one cockroach or geiko, 3) I would have barely any access to hot water. 4) I have not seen or used a bottle of conditionner for the past 2 months — so you can imagine how different it was for me. And then, the kitchen. Wow, the kitchen seems just so different to me. Coming back, has made me realize how much PROCESSED foods we actually eat here. I mean, cereals, cookies, and more cookes, and chips, and crackers and just… I’m not used to it. PLUS, to have all these things in stock? and just there, is something that I am starting to be thankful for.

For the past 2 months, I have literally been living off of 6 tshirts, 2 long sleeves and 3-4 pairs of leggings. Now that I’m back, I don’t find myself particularly ‘interested’ or ‘motivated’ by shopping and clothing. And the fact that more than 70% of the clothing here is made in Bangladesh, and having been there myself, well that doesn’t help the case either. But who knows, i’ll let everyone know how i feel when I go to a mall maybe later on this week or next week.

A funny incident: I woke up extremely early this morning–jet lag, and so I take my blackberry downstairs with me (for the time). And so, i’m just uploading some pictures and what not, and alll of a sudden,  my blackberry alarm goes off. And then, i panic! “which button do i go to to unlock again?” “which icon do i click on to turn the alarm off?” After two minutes of looking, scrolling, and panicing, i manage to find the alarm button and successfullyyyyy turn off the alarm.

Anyhow, it’s quite early in the morning at the moment, and I think I’m going to go and treat myself to an early morning run– i haven’t ran in ages!


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