and its all starting to hit me, right in the face…

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This past week, Afzal and I spent our days in Mymensingh, by far our favourite place of the country. It is absolutely beautiful there, and yes, it’s a university town. It’s just, so quiet there, and peaceful. So what did we do?

On the 14th: We went into the office and started to brainstorm. We realized that we needed not only a business plan, but a transition plan because the business plan was more theory based and more about… “You need to do x, y ,z” rather than, “this is how you should proceed…”. As a result, we came to somewhat of a conclusion that we should produce a business plan and a transition plan (change management plan) that specifically outlines, who is responsible for the task, the budget allocated to the task, time period for completion, and metrics to track progress.  We also got a lot of the numbers we needed at this time, and afzal started pluggin the numbers away! This day was an okay day for me, because i was struggling with some stuff. Just that, I didn’t know if i was a worthwhile investment, if you know what i mean. I mean, i’m sure all of you know how amazing Afzal is, and with all the culture shock and everything combined, I was a lot less vocal over here. And I wasn’t sure if Dr. Shamsuddin saw value of me being here… Other than that though, I was getting really excited about the two plans.

on the 15th-17th: So on the 15th, we went into the office again and it was quite productive. Afzal really analyzed the company from a financial perspective and came to several conclusions on the overall operating efficiency of the company. As for myself, I took over the marketing role and really started to look at the company from a marketing perspective. It was really fun and exciting because for those of you who know, I LOVE MARKETING! It was nice to know that the knowledge that we acquire from class can actually be applied to in real life. So I looked at the brand equity of the organization and really compiled steps for them to build and improve their equity. We went to the botanical garden here, and that was super fun. There were so many flowers and it was just nice to get away from the office. we also went to Dr. Shamsuddin’s house to eat dinner. I must say, his wife is an amazing cook. I am extremely picky when it comes to vegetables, and wow, it was amazing!!!

Veggies, rice and more!

anyhow, it hit me this weekend. It’s almost all over. And i’m starting to regret all those days I just stayed in because I couldn’t take all the noise, or all those days I really didn’t like it over here because I threw up twice in one day– motion sickness and food. I’m starting to regret it because, despite all those things, the people here are amaazing. To see them make due with what they have, and to be happy, is a beautiful thing. So, what does this mean? Just means that for the next 9-10 days, i’m going to make the best of my time here!!! So BANGLADESH, here i come!.. again lol 🙂

me with Dr. Shamsuddin's son

  1. Sometimes you just need to take time to yourself so that you can fully enjoy the next day to come! Dont regret the times you spend in or didnt care to go out through it you have learned something about yourself through it! Have fun for the next week bon bon and I hope to see you for the day that I am back to canada.

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