DHAKA, and Middle East Grad Trip?

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So, for the past couple of days, Afzal and I went to Jaipurhat, and Bogra and it was amazing!

Afzal and I actually conducted a meeting, with all the primary stakeholders who were part of the project.  

Afzal and I conducting the session.

me listening to suggestions

So we had people from Mymensingh (north), Satkhira (South West), Chittagong (South East) and from Jaipurhat and Bogra (which is North west). We presented to a room of 20 plus people I would say, and did a vision-ing and mission-ing session where the stakeholders,  which was super cool. At first, I was a bit nervous , i can’t lie because most of the people in the room were about 30-40 and plus, but as time went on, I felt more and more comfortable!  It was lots of fun, but now, imagine this…  a six hour meeting, with people who don’t understand you and thus, you need a translator, in the HEAT WITH NO AC. NOW THATS A WORKOUT!!!!! AH HA HA, i swear, it was so so so hot, and humiddd! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Red Chillies Menu! Beautiful eh?


After the meeting, we just chilled, and that night, we went to a restaurant called Red Chillies in Bogra, Bangladesh. AND LET ME TELL YOU, how amazing it was for me to get some chinese food in my system. Oh how i miss soy sauce, and vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if it was hakka style chinese food, I still loved it!!!

And yesterday, i got supersick and yes, i threw up. :(, But like i said before, Afzal was there to take of me. I don’t really know the exact cause, but I will say that it was a combination of breakfast (something weird there) and the car ride. Yesterday, i must say was a real low of my experience here in Bangladesh. I just hated it. The car, the constant stopping and going and stopping and honking of the car for 3 hours straight and noise and just everything. All the people and pollution! I wanted to get away from ALL OF IT!!!!  I wanted time to myself. But i’m better now. I know i’ll adjust, because that’s what I do!

Another thing that i’ve really appreciated is the fact that i’m learning a lot here. For example, a lot of the men here (a lot of business meetings and what not will only consist of men, and thus at these meetings i’ve been having, for almost all cases, i would be the only women there) would not look at me or even acknowledge me during these meetings, even as I am speaking. At first, I took a little offense to this, despite that fact that I knew that it was part of the culture for them—- to not shake a women’s hand or look at them directly. It started to bug me a lot because I felt like they weren’t acknowledging me or didn’t feel like what i was saying was of value. But then afzal told me, that the fact that they don’t look at me, or shake my hand is actually very respectful, because they think i deserve my space and what not… i don’t remember what the concept is called again, Afzal explained it to me.

Anyhow, I watched a movie today; Body of Lies, and after being in Dubai and everything (with the 8 hour stopover) I AM CONVINCED. I AM SOLD BABY, grad trip 2012, TO THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED, the people the culture, the EVERYTHING, is just so exotic to me!!! I don’t know man– I think certain news stations and the media may portray the middle east in a certain light that isn’t true. I don’t know man, all i’m saying is that the middle east, fascinates me!

Also, today, Afzal and I went to Dhaba to eat! and it was amazing! Oh my goodness!!! This restaurant, is known to serve high class street food. It was amazing, just look at my plate, i cleaned it off!!!!!!


ANYHOW, on sunday, Afzal and I will be travelling to Chittagong, and then staying in Cox Bazar for the entire weekend; Cox Bazar is supposed to be the longest white sand beach in the world! So we’re super excited for this!! Anyhow, goodbye for now. Talk soon!


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