Back in Dhaka

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So two days ago was probably one of the busiest days I’ve had thus far.

We visited 2 association sites, which were around 40 km apart, but in Bengali time, that means it’s 1hr and a half away. We also went to 2 separate chilling plants. Although it was fun, it was extremely tiring.

On top of that, I was told by Afzal, and he’s probably right, to NOT wash my hair with shampoo as I was the central magnet for flies today. Yes… And it wasn’t pretty. During the meetings, you would hear me squeal, and squirming. You would see me close my eyes like I was on a roller coaster and hit at the air, frantically.

I must also say, BENGALI’s are very hospitable. Everywhere you go, they MAKE SURE they serve you something. For example, besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, at every single meeting and visit we had today, they gave us apples, oranges, and mangos at EVERY SINGLE ONE! Honestly, by the end of this trip, I am going to gain SO MUCH WEIGHT! AHHHHHHHHHH lol

Afzal's Guilty Pleasure!

They washed our clothes!

These past couple of days, well actually yesterday, Afzal and I did nothing but chill. We really needed that since the field visits really wore us out. I didn’t do really any exercise, but boy, I was aching yesterday. We went to King’s Confectionary yesterday, and we went to this Gelato shop yesterday and had coffee!!YES COFFEEE, finally lol. For of those you who don’t know, bengali’s dont really drink coffee here. Look at affy eating ice cream lol. Yes, i  mean Gelato! YUMMY!!! And we got our laundry done. take a look at what they did: they even prepackaged our laundry for us, in PLASTIC PACKAGES!They washed our clothes!

So on the 28th, Afzal and I will be visiting the fields again. We’ll be going to Bogra, then JaiPur Hat! We’re going for about 4 days and then we’ll be returning to Dhaka. Funny story, Afzal and I were walking along like the university streets yesterday where all the young people are at, AND THERE WAS A CAR SHOW!!! it was just, hilarious to us, not because we thought they were funny or the cars were funny, but it was just something we never expected, no idea why.

Ps,  we’re staying at the Marion Hotel 🙂

  1. Hi Bonnie: Great posts, love your enthusiasm! Have you heard anything about anti-government protests in Dhaka or elsewhere in Bangladesh? Keep your eyes open; would love to get your first-hand impressions. Please feel free to email me with your reactions. Glad you’re having such a good time. Bill.

    • Hi Professor Woof:
      Thanks, i’m glad you enjoy my blog! I’m actually trying to update it at least once in every 2-3 days, so I can look back at these memories a couple months from now. I was in Dhaka for the anti-government protest, but I was in Banani, which is essentially the Expat/Foreigner district of Dhaka, so there wasn’t much commotion there. But i will say, THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC that day lol. All the shops were closed, and the streets were quite empty, for Dhaka standards that is. As for myself, i wasn’t really affected by the strike, except, we were supposed to go somewhere that day with CARE Bangladesh & Gates Foundation, and we couldn’t go, because “official” cars were warned to stay off the road!

      As for Dhaka, and Bangladesh, i must admit, a couple days ago, was my lowest point. I was throwing up, (3rd time), was in the car (and the driving here, is like being on a boat: constantly speeding up, then suddenly stopping x 2390482034834 times). These two things, put together, along with my still on going adjustment of being stared at where-ever I go, really took a toll on me. But then, the day after that, I really got to explore Dhaka, and hang with the locals. From a far, Dhaka, looks so chaotic, and just looking at it, makes you NOT want to explore it. But once you get down into the city, and visit the stores, and meet the local people, you realize how friendly and lovely the people here are.

      Anyhow, I’m going to go now (gotta apply for a scholarship for exchange lol), but I’d love to hear how you’re doing in Canada and what you’ve been up to.
      Cheers for now,

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