our driver is CRAZY!!!

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So these past few days have been pretty hectic for Afzal and myself, hence I haven’t updated the blog in around 3 days. So what I have been doing?

1) Well, on the 19th, we spent our last couple of moments in Mymensingh. We didn’t do much this day, except we went to a Dairy Convention. Now, it was quite enjoyful, meeting the dairy community of Mymensingh. However, the crazy part of this story, is the drive to the convention. MY GOODNESS, let me tell you, our driver was late, and he perhaps made Dr. Shamsuddin a bit upset, so the normal person would perhaps drive a little bit faster, but under control right? WRONG. not when you’re in Bangladesh.. MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS, this man, is driving so fast and quick, i felt like rickshaws were flying at us left right and centre. He used the honk every 2 seconds (and this is not normal, considering most bengali’s use their horn every 5 seconds), and WE ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE. !!!! Seriously, we were going extremely quick, and to the right of the car, was another car, expect it was parked so for those of you who drive, you know that if someone was to cross the road coming from infront of the parked car, and we were heading in that direction, we would not be able to see if someone was going to cross or not… AND HENCE, yeup, we almost killed someone. Anyhow, Afzal got so scared, that he decided on the way back from the convention, he would refrain from sitting in the front seat with the driver.

at the Dairy Convention.

A booth at the convention!

Anyhow, after that, we had dinner and prepped for the next day. Funny thing that happened, imagine this. Afzal and I, in the same room (two seperate twin beds), both with mosquito nets, where Afzal is under one mosquito net, and bonnie is under the other, discussing about the future of CDVS. Now, the cool thing is, we did something never attempted or successful in humankind. I had the Grameen Phone Internet stick, and due to our paranoia of being bit by mosquitos, a feat was attemped. For the first time ever in history, IN BANGLADESH, a stunt by two non bengali’s,  I threw the Internet stick, by lifting up the mosquito net only a tiny bit enough to fit my wrist, to Afzal. AND… HE CAUGHT IT. AMAZING RIGHT? lol, then i threw a book to him. It was amazing.

the internet stick that was thrown

Anyhow, the next day, we went to Sirajganj to visit the association there. It was amazing! The people there were extremely nice, and made sure that they fed us lol. Overall, i’m getting used to all the attention I get, although it is still very uncomfortable for me at times. Here is a picture from that day.!

Speaking to the association at Sirajganj.


So today, I’m in Satkhira, and will be here for a couple more days! But the room we’re in, is super super super nice. They even made us sign contracts. LOL, please look at the last sentence in this “contract” LOL.

Anyway, it’s late here, so im off to bed. I’ll update this soon. Ciao.


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