Bengali Wedding, and Milk Market.

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To say that these past two day have been eventful, would be an understatement. For the past couple of days, I have been trying so hard to adjust to the culture shock here. Everything was just really hard. But i’m starting to love it here now. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Yesterday, was the first time I’ve been to a Bengali wedding, and let me tell you, it was amazing! First, we got to sit where the bride was sitting—i don’t know exactly how to explain what it was she was sitting on, but it was like a pedalstal, or something that was above the floor. She asked me and afzal to go there and sit, and we took pictures. Yeup, we did. Then, they like moved 5 people, to accommodate me and afzal, along with the the shamsuddin family. We were served some mutton, and rice, and then, the best part, was teh sweet sticky rice, which was yellow (i’m assuming that was honey) and there were raisins in it. My goodness, it was so awesome. The desert was amazing, so amazing that I want to try every other Bengali dessert there is!!!

Today, we went to the buffalo farm and milk market up north. OH MY GOODNESS, it was so cool. I love love loved it First the milk farm: We saw someone milk a buffalo. Honestly, it was so cool.  Did you know buffalo could produce 4 L of milk a day, which is roughly 2 L more milk than the breed of cows we’re currently dealing with. Also, buffalo milk, has around 6-7 % of fat in it’s milk, whereas cow milk, has only 3.75% of fat. lol, basically quality of milk is based on % of fat.

Talking with Nazmul, about the milk collectors.

 So cool eh? anyhow, we then went into the milk market in that village. We really talked to everyone, and they were so nice. The local minister even came by lol. They lovedgiving us Chai, and wanted pictures with us! We got to speak with the locals alot too. And they honestly, had some amazing deserts. They had this small milk cake thing, well i don’t know if cake is the right word to describe it, but it’s basically milk, milk fat and sugar and it was absolutely delicious. It was honestly so good, i can’t stop thinking about it.

so yummy. a bengali dessert!


So to the left, would be a picture of the desserts we got. The white things are the milk desserts i was talkinga bout earlier. and if you can see, there’s actaully some yoghurt, all fresh and and organic, to the top of the milk desserts. Honestly, best yoghurt i’ve had, HANDS DOWN. anyhow, tmrw, we leave for Sirajganj and Satkhira. I’m super excited about this since we’ll be actually conducting research, and assembling focus groups to determine the needs of the farmers and their lifestyles! I’ll update the blog on the road. In the mean while, i’m going to go take a little nap. Ciao.

  1. One of the best parts of being abroad is the food! If they want to feed you then eat lol 🙂 try and sneak something back to me! Glad you are also beginning to enjoy it. Take it allllll in as much as you can, time is of the essence.

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