chillin in Mymensingh with Afzal.

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Walk along the river in Mymensingh

so two days ago, was the second day in Mymensingh. It’s been great  I’ve been interviewing with Afzal, with Professor Muhhamed Shamsuddin, who is actually next in line to be vice chancellor. It’s been quite cool walking around with him, as every student that sees him, and us, nods, says hi, and doesn’t dare move until he has passsed. Afzal explained it like this to me. “imagine, you were a foreigner, walking with dean horvath, in schulich. ” obviously you would get a lot of stares. so it’s been quite cool.

anyhow, the professor here is amazing. as afzal put it, he’s like the next Yunus. lol. Seriously, this guy is brilliant. and very smart!!!! Anyhow, i’m not sure if i showed you our Care badges, but they’re super cool. Plus, we got Grameen phones and a Grameen Rocket stick!! WUDDUPPP!!! It’s awesome!

Our very own Grameen Phone!!!!

So yesterday was my third day in mymensingh, and i love it here. Well better than Dhaka anyways. Its essentially a university town, and so, it’s less polluted, less busy, and there are less people here, which i am a big fan of.

Anyhow, Afzal  and i are super spoiled, i mean we have AC, and we have food lol. No seriously, people cook for us and stuff, and i’m thinking to myself “boy, am i going to gain so much weight”. Ahaha, so I really do have to watch what i eat. Those granola bars mom and Sylvia, are coming in very handy!!! Super handy! They have helped me survive a lot lol—i wish i brought 1 more box, but oh wells. (for those of you who don’t know, i brought 2 boxes of granola bars, meaning, i brought 72 bars over! LOL.

Anyhow, we spent the whole day grilling and drilling Dr. Shammsuddin. We asked him question after question: it was insane! We probably spent 6 hours asking him questions. I even interviewed one of his employees, which was really fun. After we interviewed him, we walked back to the international residence. One thing that happened that was really cool. I’m not sure who was playing soccer, but it was i believe korea against ? and someone, not sure which side, scored a goal. And you could hear the entire university town roar, cheer and celebrate— something that we don’t get back in Toronto. We then proceeded back to Dr. Shamsuddin’s house and we met his family. His 8 year old son is quite amusing and creative— he told Afzal and I he loves watching Tom & Jerry. Dr. Shammsuddin has 2 daughters (1 who is 15 and 1 who is 10), his son is 8—the youngest. Anyhow, then we got some mango lassi (Richard todd, i tried it!!! Lol) and yes, it was super yummy. Anyhow, we then got back to the international residence, and had dinner. I am a big fan of naan bread— it is so yummy! And i love love LOVE the mangos and pineapple here; so super sweet. I don’t know how I’m  going to go back to Toronto and eat our mangos!

Anyhow, that’s it for now, i’m off. Today, Afzal and I will be interviewing some more, and we will be going to our FIRST  Bengali wedding!!!!!! We’re so excited, i mean, when are we ever going to get to go to a Bengali wedding!!!  Anyway, ciao for now!


Anyhow, i’ll catch yall later!


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