CARE Office

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So two days ago, was our first day at the CARE Office. It was great seeing everyone, and finally getting to why Afzal and I are here: to see if the Dairy project at hand, is efficient and effective, and evaluating the current models of business being used. The office was quite glamourous, in my opinion, compared to many other buildings I have seen thus far. My desk is pretty awesome, i can’t lie: ahha, see picture below. yeup, second year consultant. that’d be me!!!!!

at my desk

After attending some meetings and what not, we went to the 13th floor and to the CARE cafeteria. We had rice and curry. Suprisingly, i really really liked it! yummmm.  anyhow, after we met with everyone, we just did some research and conducted a lot of interviews.

Beef Curry in CARE Cafeteria


That night, i flopped in bed, because I was so exhausted. I don’t know why, but I had such a bad headache. Anyhow, i had to register for my schulich courses that night, and i got so angry; i started to tear up. I don’ tknow why i was so frustrated. I just was. I couldn’t get into 3 of the courses i wanted to. and it just made me angry. However, afterwards, afzal came in, and talked to me. He said i was in culture shock. and to my defense, i was like “eruh,… no im not. i have bengali friends”. But then he explained to me it’s so much more than that. and then i realized he was right. I mean, i’m not used to all these people, cars, and pollution. I’m not used to being the only asian person in a place. I’m not used to getting stares, and stares : and believe me, they don’t try to hide the fact that they’re staring at me. As a matter of fact, they’ll make it known. I’m not used to not being able to communicate, or to say a simple thank you. And that, is the most frustrating part, that people dont’ even know that i’m thankful for what they do. I’m not used to people cooking dinner for me, and making the table for me, and picking up after me— I can do that myself.  Although I am very appreciative at the CARE Staff house, that they’re taking care of me, and everything, i don’t want that. It’s also different, in that the people that are poor here, are very poor; very very ppoor. And i know there’s something wrong here. It’s got to be wrong, to have a Mercedes-Benz dealership, right next to the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. There’s no way that’s right, but who can i blame? The corporation? They are only here because there’s a demand for it, so can i really blame them? Then who? the people on the street themselves? No way. then who? the Government? Nut then i realized, maybe there isn’t anyone to blame. Maybe, there doesn’t need to be anyone to blame. Maybe, instead of being angry, i should do something about it. We’ll see anyway.

 Anyhow, i am starting to get over the culture shock, although it is still very difficult. But im going to head off now. ciao for now. Ps, having afzal here with me, has been awesome. — he has helped a lot with me coping and what not!


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