Gulshan Plaza Restaurant & Blackouts! Just the usual in Bangladesh.

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The sky in Dhaka at night.

Gulshan Plaza


So as soon as we landed, Afzal and I decided to take a nap and refresh ourselves, before going out to explore what the city has to offer. At 4pm, we decided to head out. We first walked around the Gulshan area, and found that there’s an HSBC here, a KFC and a Pizza hut– suprising fact, we haven’t seen a McDonalds yet! Who would have known? I guess KFC is bigger here than McDonalds. Anyhow, we passed by the embassies of each country, and suprisingly, each embassy has a “club” like a golf club, with members in it. As we walked, we found… yes you guessed it… WONDERLAND! BENGALI STYLE! lol, it isn’t nearly as big as the one back home, but nonetheless, the name reminded us of home! After walking for 2 -3 hours, we decided to hit up one of the local restaurants, and under the recommendation of Lonely Planet, we went to Gulshan Plaza. This restaurant supposedly is famous for its food with the locals. We sat down. Afzal ordered a beef kebab and i ordered a chicken shawarma. Then, one of the exciting parts of the day.. WE WENT ON A RICKSHAW!!!!!!! My goodness, those things are so much fun. Honestly, I felt bad for the guy because he was working so hard… Anyhow, ALL this fun, buying foood here, eating there, going on rickshaws, cost… in total, for the both of us… les than 10$ can. Awesome eh?

But the best part of the day, we definately this. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!!


So cool eh? 😛


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