im here. and boy is it HOT

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2010 at 6:45 am

so after the 14 hour flight to dubai, the 8 hour overlay, spending time with akshay(not that im complaining or anything), afzal and I finally arrive in Bangladesh. The flights were.. interesting let’s say.

First, from the Dubai flight, and the Bangladesh flight, you can very visibly point out the differences in democraphics. The flight from tdot to dubai was extremely multicultural, where as the flight to Bangladesh, consisted of primarly males, and of course, Bengali. It did feel very awkward at first, actually, I don’t think i’ve been more self conscious in my life before– because I got stares, everywhere I went. People were telling me stories about how foreign girls might be treated and that did freak me out at first. However, I soon realized how judgemental that was for me, and how ignorant it was for me to think that way. As soon as i changed my perception of thinking, I began to become less paranoid.

Arriving at the airport was interesting. I felt the heat immediately, and like Belize, the army (police) were everywhere, with their rifles visible. They were all very nice to me, and even let us borrow their cellphones! Cool eh? We soon got picked up by Mr. Barua (our driver) and headed towards the CareHouse, which is in Gulshin, Dhaka. boy, can this man drive! It is like an organized chaos here. Cars are bumper to bumper, and yet, this is what makes this city so alive and vibrant. even now, as I am typing, I hear honking every 3 seconds.



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